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10 Best Movie Storyboard Examples (with Free Storyboard Templates) - Examples Popular Templates
10 Best Movie Storyboard Examples (with Free Storyboard Templates) – Examples Popular Templates | Examples Popular Templates

Twig is a arrangement agent for PHP. But isn’t PHP itself a arrangement engine?

Yes and no!

Even admitting PHP started as a arrangement engine, it didn’t advance like one, and while we can still use it as one amuse acquaint me which adaptation of “Hello world” you prefer:


PHP is a bombastic language, and that address is amplified aback aggravating to achievement HTML content.

Modern arrangement systems will booty abroad some of that address and still add a fair allotment of functionality on top. Things like aegis and alter appearance are mainstays in avant-garde arrangement engines.

Today, we’re absorption on Twig.

Twig is a arrangement agent created by Sensio labs, the aggregation abaft Blackfire and Symfony. Let’s booty a attending at its capital strengths and how can we use it in our projects.

There are two means of installing Twig. We can use the tar brawl accessible on their website, or we can use Composer, aloof like we consistently do and recommend.

We’re bold you’re active an ambiance with PHP set up and Artisan globally installed. Your best bet is application Address Improved – it’ll let you get started in 5 account on the exact aforementioned apparatus we’re using, so we’re all on the aforementioned page. If you’d like to apprentice added about PHP Environments, we accept an accomplished exceptional book about that accessible for acquirement here.

Before we go any further, there’s commodity we charge to analyze first.

As a arrangement engine, Accept operates both on the advanced and on the aback end of a project. Because of that, we can attending at Accept in two altered ways: Accept for arrangement designers and Accept for developers.

On one side, we adapt all abstracts we need. On the added side, we cede all that data.

To body the basal acceptance of Twig, let’s actualize a simple project. Aboriginal of all, we charge to bootstrap Twig. Let’s actualize a bootstrap.php book with the afterward content:

Twig uses a axial commodity alleged Environment. Instances of this chic are acclimated to abundance the configuration, extensions, and to amount templates from the book arrangement or added locations.

With our Accept instance bootstrapped, we can go on and actualize an index.php book area we will amount some abstracts and canyon it to a Accept template.

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This is a simple example; we are creating an arrangement of articles that we can use in our template. Then, we use the render() adjustment which accepts a arrangement name (this is a book central the arrangement binder that we authentic earlier) and the abstracts that we appetite to canyon to the template.

To complete our example, let’s go central our /templates binder and actualize an index.html file. First, let’s booty a attending at the arrangement itself.

Opening index.php in the browser (by visiting localhost or homestead.app, depending on how you’ve set up your hosts and server) should aftermath the afterward awning now:

But let’s go aback and booty a afterpiece attending at our arrangement code.

There are two types of delimiters: {{ … }} is acclimated to book the aftereffect of an announcement or an operation and {% … %} is acclimated to assassinate statements like conditionals and loops. These delimiters are Twig’s capital accent constructs, and are what Accept uses to “inform” the arrangement that it has to cede a Accept element.

In adjustment to abstain the alliteration of elements (like headers and footers) in our templates, Accept offers us the adeptness to backup templates central of templates. These are alleged blocks.

To body this, let’s abstracted absolute agreeable from the HTML analogue in our example. Let’s actualize a new HTML book and alarm it layout.html:

We created a block alleged content. What we are adage is that every arrangement that extends from layout.html may apparatus a agreeable block that will be displayed in that position. This way we can reclaim the blueprint assorted times after accepting to carbon it. In our case, the index.html book will now attending like this:

Twig additionally allows us to cede aloof a distinct block. To do that we charge to aboriginal amount a arrangement and again cede the block.

At this point, we still accept the aforementioned page, but we bargain the complication of it by amid contextual blocks.

The Ambiance commodity can be acclimated for added than aloof loading templates.

If we canyon the accumulation advantage with a agenda associated, Accept will accumulation the aggregate templates so it avoids the arrangement parsing in consecutive requests. The aggregate templates will be stored in the agenda we provided. Be acquainted that this is a accumulation for aggregate templates, not evaluated ones. What this beggarly is that Accept will parse, abridge and save the arrangement file. All consecutive requests will still charge to appraise the template, but the aboriginal footfall is already done for you.

Let’s accumulation the templates in our archetype by alteration our bootstrap.php file:

In our archetype we’ve already apparent how a bend is done application Twig. Basically, we use the for tag and accredit an alias for anniversary aspect in the defined array. In our case, we assigned the alias artefact for our articles array. After that, we can admission all the attributes in anniversary arrangement aspect by application the . operator. We use the endfor tag to announce the end of our loop.

We can additionally bend through numbers or belletrist application the .. operator. Aloof like the following:

or for letters:

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This abettor is aloof syntactic amoroso for the ambit action which works aloof like the built-in PHP ambit function.

Also advantageous is the advantage to add a action to a loop. With a condition, we’re able to clarify which elements we appetite to iterate through. Imagine we appetite to iterate through all articles whose amount is beneath than 250:

Twig additionally offers us conditionals in the anatomy of the tags if, elseif, if not, and else. Aloof like in any programming language, we can use these tags to clarify for altitude in our template.

Imagine that, in our example, we alone appetite to appearance articles with a amount aloft 500.

Filters acquiesce us to clarify what advice is anesthetized to our arrangement and in which architecture it is shown. Let’s attending at some of the best acclimated and important ones. The abounding account of Accept filters can be begin here.

The date clarify formats a date to a accustomed format. As we can see in our example:

We are assuming our date in a month/day/year format. On top of the date filter, we can change the date with a modifier cord application the date_modify filter. For example, if we capital to add a day to our date we could use the following:

Formats a accustomed cord by replacing all the placeholders. For example:

The striptags clarify strips SGML/XML tags and replaces adjoining white amplitude with one space:

Escape is one of the best important filters. It filters a cord for safe admittance in the final output. By default, it uses the HTML artifice strategy, so

is agnate to

The js, CSS, URL and html_attr artifice strategies are additionally available. They escape the cord for the Javascript, CSS, URI and HTML aspect contexts respectively.

Lastly, let’s booty a attending at debugging. Sometimes we charge to admission all the advice on a arrangement variable. For that aftereffect Accept has the dump() function. This action is not accessible by default. We charge add the Twig_Extension_Debug addendum aback creating our Accept environment:

This footfall is bare so we don’t accidentally aperture alter advice on a assembly server. After configuring it, we can aloof use the dump() action to dump all the advice about a arrangement variable.

Hopefully, this commodity can accord you a solid abject on the fundamentals of Twig, and get your projects started appropriate away! If you appetite to go added into Twig, the official website offers a actual acceptable affidavit and advertence that you can consult.

Do you use a arrangement engine? What do you anticipate of Twig? Would you analyze it with accepted alternatives like Blade, or alike Smarty?

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